Itineraries for the definition of the Lorenzo Ghiberti Interpretation Centre

scientific coordination:
Giuseppina Carla Romby | Alessandro Merlo | 055 2755193

October 19 17.30 | 19.30
The forest of Vallombrosa
The forest of Vallombrosa today
Riziero Tiberi | UNIFI
Wooded land — cultivated land — consecrated land. The historical formation of the heritage of Vallombrosa
Francesco Salvestrini | UNIFI

October 26 17.30 | 19.30
The Castles of the Conti Guidi
Archaeology of power. The Conti Guidi and the formation of the noble landscape between the 10thand 13thcenturies
Guido Vannini | UNIFI
Chiara Molducci | UNIFI
Castles and itineraries in the Val di Sieve: a new role for the valorisation of the landscape
Leonardo Certini | Proloco Pelago

November 16 17.30 | 19.30
Working with noble metals
Goldsmithing techniques in Lorenzo Ghiberti’s workshops
Dora Liscia Bemporad | UNIFI
Material Interpretation of Ghiberti’s Gates
Salvatore Siano | CNR Firenze

November 30 17.30 | 19.30
Lorenzo Ghiberti
The humanism of Ghiberti and of Michelozzo, his ‘companion’
Antonio Natali | Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore
Paradise Regained: the restoration of Ghiberti’s Gates
Annamaria Giusti | Opificio delle Pietre dure

December 14 17.30 | 19.30
A cultivated landscape
Ghiberti’s landscape
Mariella Zoppi | UNIFI
The transformations of the agricultural landscape
Paolo Nanni | UNIFI