Mira Arte Fabricatum
The Castles of the Conti Guidi

Guido Vannini, Chiara Molducci
Archaeology of power. The Conti Guidi and the formation of the noble landscape between the 10th and 13th centuries

Guido Vannini teaches Mediaeval Archaeology and is the director of the Postgraduate School in Archaeological Heritage. He is the author of scientific publications on the features of feudal settlements in Mediterranean areas and on research methodologies. He is the director of the long-standing ‘University Strategic Project’ for Mediaeval archaeology and since 1986 of the Archaeological Mission ‘Mediaeval Petra’.

Chiara Molducci is a post-doctoral researcher for the SAGAS-UNIFI Chair in Mediaeval Archaeology and teaches at the Postgraduate School in Archaeological Heritage. She is the scientific director for research projects concerning the seignory of the Conti Guidi in Tuscany and Romagna. She is a member of the National scientific committee for Public Archaeology and founder of the“LASG” cooperative, an academic spin-off of UNIFI.


Leonardo Certini

Castles and itineraries in the Val di Sieve: a new role for the valorisation of the landscape

Leonardo Certini is an architect and research fellow at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence. He graduated in 2014 with a thesis entitled “Nipozzano and the Lower Valdisieve: a village to restore and a territory to promote”. That same year, upon completion of the Postgraduate course in the “Documentation and Management of minor historical centres”, offered by the University of Florence, he presented the project “La Leonessa: project for a historical bicycle race on the unpaved roads of the territories of Pelago and Rufina (FI)”, an event which would take place the following year with the 1stedition of “La Leonessa”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pelago and the Pro Loco Pelago; in 2018 he designed the permanent itinerary of the cycle touring path. He collaborates with the DM_SHS Research Unit in the context of the agreement between DIDA and the Municipality of Pelago aimed at the valorisation of the territory of the Val di Sieve.