Ghibertiana is an interdisciplinary project — developed by the DM_SHS Research Unit of DIDA (Department of Architecture of the University of Florence) and by the Municipality of Pelago — which focuses on the figure of Lorenzo Ghiberti, that includes a Centre for the Interpretation of the Territory of the Val di Sieve, named in his honour, as well as a Documentation Centre devoted to him, both to be housed in the restored halls of the Palazzo Comunale in Pelago's castle, in the vicinity of the place where the artist was born and grew up.
The Interpretation Centre will propose an innovative itinerary through the territory of the lower Valdisieve, which will focus on those aspects that are directly related to the life and work of Ghiberti himself.
As for the Documentation Centre, it will collect in dematerialized format all the documents concerning the artist, and will thus become the main corpusof the new International Centre for Ghibertian Studies.

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Digital modeling and 3D animation for Cultural Heritage

July 15,  2021 5 pm | 7.30 pm
Presentation of the videos on the panels of the Porta del Paradiso by Lorenzo Ghiberti and panel discussion

"La banca dati su Lorenzo Ghiberti
e le sue opere" in 12 episodes

The links to the various speeches of the meeting held on May 2021

The data base on Lorenzo Ghiberti
and his artworks

May 14, 2021 4 pm | 6.30 pm
Presentation of the database, annotated catalogue of the bibliography, of the archive documents and of the artworks of the artist

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