A cultivated landscape

Mariella Zoppi
Ghiberti's landscape

Mariella Zoppi is an architect and landscape designer. Professor emeritus at the University of Florence, she teaches Landscape Architecture and is the Dean of the Faculty and President of the Master's Degree Course in Landscape Architecture. Also in Florence, she founded the Postgraduate School in Garden Design and Landscape Architecture (1997) and the PhD Degree Course in Landscape Design.
She was chair of Italian Culture at the University of Berkeley, CA (a course on Historical Gardens in Italy). She currently teaches at the Zejiang Normal University (China). She has contributed to the drafting of urban plans for cities such as Florence, Reggio Emilia, Perugia and Montevarchi, as well as of management plans for cultural parks (Montalbano, Baratti-Populonia); she has designed parks and gardens, both in Italy and abroad, among which the rowing basin in Castelldefels for the Barcelona Olympic Games and the Tuscan Garden at the Botanical Gardens in Staten Island, NY.
She has published numerous works and essays on topics related to urban planning in Florence and on greenery.

Paolo Nanni
The transformations of the agricultural landscape

Paolo Nanni is a researcher at the GESAAF and associate professor of History of Agriculture and Landscape. His research activity focuses on the long-term history of agriculture (rural economy, cultivation techniques, history of the landscape), environmental history, and the economic and social history of the Middle Ages.
He is a member of the Academia dei Georgofili, as well as of the Italian Academy of Forestry Sciences and of other scientific associations. He is the editor of the journal “Rivista di storia dell’agricoltura” and a member of the Editorial Board of Firenze University Press.